Jet also offers dance workshops for schools.

We can support your school whether it is to provide classes to KS1/KS2 or the teachers themselves.

There are many reason’s to bring dance into your school. The positive nature of dance can itself bring physical and creative development to each child as well as greater self confidence, self esteem and social skills.

There are many reasons dance can benefit your school and JET will bring a service with a difference.

We can teach any style of dance or we can link dance to re-enforce a topic that you may of been learning about in class. The possibilities are endless and children can really enjoy learning in a practical way. We have even been known to include maths and languages within our classes.

Ideas for bringing dance into your school-

1.) Topics- Solar System, Rivers, Tudors, Egyptians and many more

2.) Street Dance, Ballet, Tap, Latin, Dances from around the world

3.) Books- World Book Day

4.) Musical Theatre

5.) Zumba

If you have anything specific you require we will be sure to accommodate your request.

We can provide after school clubs, PPA Cover, regular dance within the school timetable and PE.

Please contact Jenny 07799160077 for further information.